Roger Carpenter

[mug-shot] Philosopher, mad scientist, and artiste extraordinaire

Formerly one of our team of Directors of Studies in Medicine at Caius, and also Professor of Oculomotor Physiology in the Physiological Laboratory, University of Cambridge, part of the new mega-department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. At present my main research interest is the control of eye movements by the brain, and especially the bits that decide why we look at one thing and not another, and even more especially why we take so long to do it (the oculomotor system, and saccadic latency, in medispeak). You can find out more about some of this work, and particular the LATER model at the new website But I have a professional interest in lots of other things: vision in general, and the motor systems, and in physiological mechanisms of consciousness, where my position could be described as a one-way Cartesian (see my book, Neurophysiology). I am the creator of EPIC, SPIC and NeuroLab - you can download versions from this page. When time permits (i.e. currently not at all) I run the CUDOS project, intended to help bridge the gap for medical students between school and university. Until other things took up too much time, I was Director of the Susato Consort and Susato Baroque Ensemble. You can find a proper, serious lab website here, and biographical stuff here.

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