Neuro web-sites


Digital Anatomist Project
Lots of 3D images, clear outlines and labelling. Some videos, and a structural testing section.

University of Arkansas
Thorough coverage of 2D gross anatomy, with accurate notes (although the labelling can be vague)

Neuroanatomy Atlas
2D images with clear, accurate labelling but a little difficult to browse.

Interactive Atlas of Neuro-oncology
2D only, but shows histopathology as well. Multilingual!

Neurology and Neuropathology on the Internet
A comprehensive list of web links, arranged by subject group.

Harvard Whole Brain Atlas
A series of sagittal, coronal and transverse brain-scans, with 'movies' Labelling a little vague, and the user interface slightly awkward. Testing on labelling.

Virtual Hospital
Dissections of the real human brain. Excellent site for photographed dissections. Very comprehensive.

Global Anatomy
Covers the anatomy and deficits caused by lesion of different parts of the nervous system. Includes self-test questions.

Athabasca University
A comprehensive set of short tutorials covering all aspects of the nervous system, with diagrams and self-test labelling exercises.

Brain Galaxy
Interesting and simple site, with extravagant colours and diagrams.

Sensory Systems

Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World
Excellent site. Extensive coverage using illustrations, and a helpful glossary.

Somatosensory Systems
Some slides of somatosensory systems.

The Somatosensory system
An introduction. Wide coverage, and good diagrams.


A beautifully illustrated, detailed presentation of how the visual system works. Has a few movies.

The Physiology of the Senses Transformations for Perception and Action by Tutis Vilis
Excellent. Covers visual system as well as hearing, balance, muscle sense, eye movements and memory. Lots of animations, and self-test questions.

Exploratorium - Online Exhibits
A collection of illusions, and explanations given.

Sensation and Perception Tutorials
A collection of tutorials and demonstrations related to vision senses.

Motion Peception
Different aspects of motion perception explained with the aid of movies.

University of Arkansas
Much anatomical detail of the eye, orbit, muscles and pathways

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Human Eye
Clearly explained, with self-test quizzes.


Sound waves and Music
Covers physical nature and phenomena of sound. Self-test exercises included.

What is a Sound Spectrum?
Nice explanation, with lots of musical examples and sound clips.

Anatomical Tour Of The Ear
Small site covering anatomy, with links to other aspects of hearing.

Fourier Analysis
An accessible tutorial to Fourier analysis.

The Cochlea: a graphic tour
Excellent. Covers mechanics and tranduction, with movies.

Hearing Concepts
Covers the physics of hearing very well.

Smell & Taste

Nicely layed of introduction, with interesting key facts. More links.

The Chemoreception Web
Well-organised set of links, including abstracts from journals and other web-sites.

The Vomeronasal Organ
Long review.

Sense and Behaviour
2D images with clear, accurate labelling but a little difficult to browse.

A commercial site with some useful information.

Leffingwell Reports
A detailed review on olfaction.

Taste & Smell Disorders Clinic
Basic information on principles and disorders.

The Spinal Cord

University of Arkansas
Gross structure in relation to its surroundings

Global Spinal Cord
Description of the pathways within the spinal cord, with clinical notes.

The Global Brainstem
In same format as The Global Spinal Cord site.

Spinal Motor Structures
Clear description and diagrams of descending pathways.

Spinal Cord Injury
Covers anatomy, treatment and symptoms of injury.

Spinal Cord Injury Resources
A clear diagram of the spinal cord, and other links relating to injury.

Brain Function

The Brain Project
Charts the history of neurophysiology, with beautiful descriptions of the rise and fall of theories.

Walter J. Freeman's Neurophysiology Lab
Very advanced material on the analysis of brain function. Contains Freeman's latest manuscript's in PDF format.

Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord Project
A fun web-site for beginners, with large coverage. Includes puzzles and sound bites.

Mind and Machine - Biology of the brain Project
Addresses the feasibility of Artificial Intelligence. Starts of with basic neuroanatomy, then describes the use of neural networks.

The Nervous System
Covers ascending pathways, cranial nerves, diseases and structure-function.

Very nice site. Interactive exhibits, articles, links to other websites, and places to read the thoughts of other visitors and to leave your own. Continually expanding.

Motor Systems

Muscle Spindles & Stretch Reflexes
Lots of detail, with a few illustrations.

Motor Systems and Motor Control
Set of lecture notes, with good digrams but little description.

The Global Cerebellum
Anatomy and deficits caused by lesion of the cerebellum. Includes self-test questions.

Lecture Topics in Kinesiology
Covers biomechanics of joints and movement.

Extensive & well-organised site, good for links.

Robotic Systems: The Cerebellum
An alternative view of the cerebellum, with other robotics links.

Tutorial on Basal Ganglia
A short tutorial, but no pictures.

Gait Disorders
Covers normal gait, and abnornal gait in conditions such as Parkinson's disease.

Neuromuscular Disease Center
Disorders & syndromes of the muscular system. In note-form with a few diagrams.

Temple University School of Medicine
Excellent! Contains histology of entire nervous system, neuroembryology, video clips of neurologic exams, and atlas of MRIs, CT scans & angiograms.

The Human Brain
Interesting and basic site on brain nutrition, injury and relaxation.

Higher Functions

Site contains a mixture of interesting resources.

The Memory Page
A more psychological look at memory, covering basic mechanisms, with tips and links for practical improvement.

Behaviour, Motivation, and Self-Control
Chapter in a book, easy to follow & comprehensive, covering psychological aspects.

Emotion and Motivation
A short chapter covering the basics.

Motivation, Emotion & Cognition
A set of slides, covering the topics in a summary format.

Emotion & Motivation
Collection of links to other sites.

Introduction to Psychology
Extensive set of links covering many aspects of psychology.

Psychology Web
Mental illness, diagnosis & treatment.

Limbic System
Covers structure to function and role in affective states.

Studying the brain

Imaging For Idiots
Very good site. Tutorials, case studies, quiz, book lists & links.

Medical Imaging
Contains lots of links.

Compare Brains
An interesting site looking at comparing the sizes & structure of brains.

Neurophysiology in Images
Excellent for pictures. Covers levels of structure in brain, and images to show how the brain is studied. Movies.

Mapping the Brain
History of and methods in EEG.

Brief, but contains some good pictures of fMRI.

The basics of MRI
An on-line text-book. Covers physics and applications, including some examples of clinical images.


Introduction to Neural Networks
Simple coverage of neuronal function in the context of their role in networks. Brief.

Details and download site for the program 'Neuron', to simulate neurons.

The physical factors behind the Action Potential
A basic tutorial of some of the underlying physics and chemistry, with useful animations.

Excitable Cells
Covers activity patterns of neurons. Links to muscle fibres.

Brain & Mind
On-line magazine, covering basic topics.

Animated Cellular Processes
Directory of animations of cellular processes, with explanatory legends.

Artificial Neuron Applet
A simple model neuron, where parameters can be varied in a user interface.

Introduction to Neural Networks
Introduce to a powerful class of model, the Neural Network. Begins with basics, then moves on to advanced topics.

Neural Networks
Covers history, network architecture and applications. Well-illustrated and explained.

Synaptic transmission - A four-step process.
A detailed site with good illustrations, sequentially covering the steps. Contains movies.


Clinical Neurophysiology on the Internet
A comprehensive list of web links, arranged by subject group. Very clearly explained, but some links incomplete.